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I have purcahsed National Rodeo Ticket from Desert Tickets (2) different times. The first time, me seats were at the very top of the row for the event.

I thought this was just bad luck. I paid a premium for the second set of tickets. I just went to the second event and it was also on the very top row. I had several friends in my group.

I was so, embarrassed by the whole situation. When I paid extra, I expected good seats. They just want your money.

These people are SCAM artist. Be warned, do not use them!!!!!

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This customer paid for tickets in the top row and then complained about sitting in the top row. They were given exactly what they paid for.

The "premium" on the 2nd set was because that day was more expensive. Different days of the NFR cost different prices due to demand.

Better seats were available for purchase, but many people (including this customer) choose top rows because they cost less. Nothing wrong with that, but don't complain about getting exactly what you chose.


I've also bought NFR tickets from this company many times. I pay for great seats in the lower level, and that is what they always send me at Desert Tickets.

The person who complained about getting top row ordered tickets in the top row, what did they expect! I saw this posting and called Desert Tickets and asked them about it.

These complaint websites let people say anything, true or not. This company is great, always delivers on time, and I'd strongly recommend them.

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